Women’s Shelter


A group out of Finland made a wonderful donation to help advance the establishment of a Women’s Shelter.  They donated close to $200,000 for the purchase of property/facility.

Gene, our director in Israel, with the help of a real-estate agent located a piece of property on which we could build a facility for women.  Working with an attorney, the proposal was presented to our board in Israel.  On January 21, 2019 the board voted unanimously to purchase the property.

We are in the process of completing the purchase.  We have established a budget for this project at $430,000.  We have $250,000 and need to raise the balance of $180,000.

We have builders from Germany and the U.S. that have indicated they would like to help us build the women’s facility.


Prayer – At the forefront of this effort is a battle for the souls of precious women who are faced with a life of homelessness, drugs and human trafficking.  This battle is first and foremost spiritual and we need much prayer – intercessory prayer.

Finances – We need to raise the additional $180,000 that will be need to build a women’s shelter.

In addition to the monies budgeted for the women’s shelter, it does not include equipment and staffing.  It will take a couple years to build this facility using volunteer builders and complying with Israeli standards.  This will give us time to raise the additional dollars needed for equipment and staffing.

Please consider how you can help us accomplish this project.

Thank you

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