Thanks for Helping Us . . .

Thank you for helping the homeless and addicted in Israel. Our newsletters reflect the results of your prayers and giving and the Lord’s faithfulness in changing lives for time and eternity.Â

Hope? A desire with an expectation of fulfillment. When hope is lost, drugs, alcohol, sex and other addictive behaviors often takes its place. Rescue Israel is about hope; it’s about sharing God’s love in practical ways and helping people realize God has a good plan for their lives and with His help, they can hope again.

Israel has many of the same social ills as any nation today.  Prostitution is among this list.  There are secular efforts to try and help, but little is being done to provide help from a spiritual and scriptural perspective.  Rescue Israel  is in the planning stages of establishing a women’s recovery shelter for prostitutes that we work with but have no place to put them if they want change in their lives.

We will need to raise approximately $70,000 by 2013 to begin the process of establishing this much needed work.  In early 2013 we will begin the process of identifying and hiring a director for this women’s recovery shelter.  Training will follow.  As the training is being accomplished, we will begin the process of finding a facility where we can house the women.

Our vision is to open the women’s recovery shelter in the fall of 2013. Thanks for your help in this endeavor.

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